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Blog: Friday, May 1st, 2020

It's May!

Bonjour families!

Have we told you how much we miss you?  Hearing the laughter?  Getting hugs?  Well, in case you don't know...  A LOT!!!!  We all want to thank every family for all their hard work this week!  Wow!  Some seriously great work happening in every classroom!  Way to go!

Be sure to take the weekend to unplug and relax if you're able.  Giving your child and yourself a break from the screen is so important!  I know I was dreaming about Google Meets last night and I knew it must be time for a weekend!  Lol!

Thank you for supporting teachers and our support staff this week too.  By sticking to 'regular' school hours to connect it has made a big difference.  Know that they are there to support you, but may not respond if not necessary until the next day.

This week Mr. B has updated his website with new challenges and activities to keep you healthy!  Check out Mr B's Website by clicking here.   Mme Petrie and Mrs. Kawasaki would also like you to have some fun this week with their great STEM family challenges!  Check out their info which is attached as a PDF to this email.

Another thing we would like to encourage you to do is participate in Dr. Bonnie's Townhall Saturday at 1pm.  It is designed for kids to be able to listen and ask questions!  For more information visit:

Have an amazing weekend!  I hope that everyone takes their kids outside every day for some fresh air!  Throw a ball around as a family, go for a bike ride together, or just walk around the neighbourhood.  I know the year I had to teach my son (yes, had to..  it wasn't by choice much like you right now.. not your choice!), that we made an extra effort to plan "mom" dates so I could leave the teacher hat at home and we would go on adventures.  It was a good opportunity for us to laugh and talk about things unrelated to school.  I encourage all of you to do this too.  Your kids will definitely remember those moments, especially on hard school days.  I hope you will too!

Mme. Portas

PS.  That year I taught him grade 2, was one of my favorite years of teaching!  I learned sooooo much about how he learns!  It was amazing when I look back, even though some of the days I wasn't sure if we'd both make it home alive!

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